Making things simple is at the heart
of what we do for our clients locally
and globally.

Who we are

Clarity are brand engineers.

A team focused on customers who are looking to invigorate their brand identity and to align their people through powerful internal communications.

What we do

Clarity provides specialist strategic branding, visual identity and naming services across engineering, manufacturing and technology disciplines.

Our clients tell us they value us for our:

  • Impartial advice and insights that helps them move forward
  • Creative solutions based on strategic insights
  • Responsiveness and agility
  • Fees that reflect value delivered and measurable outcomes
  • Disruptive and challenging thinking
  • Personable approach – we value working with lovely people

Our Purpose

To improve our customers brand reputation in the world.

Our Methodology

Starting any branding project includes finding the right reason, commitment, and strategy; analysing brand equity; and uncovering insights and opportunities.

With strong connections to lean principles, Clarity approach all projects with the same rigour to eliminate wasteful communications whilst maximising the real potential and value of our work for our customers

Within our proven Brand Engine methodology we apply our process to 
Discover / Define / Develop / Deliver on the branding issues being addressed. This ensures we cover all aspects of a brand or rebrand project.

Brand Audit is our tool used to understand the ‘as is’ situation within the organisation and externally also. We often find the external viewpoint is critical to gain existing perceptions and expectations from customers and stakeholders. Armed with this information, we are able to devise strategies that help to move the business forward in the right direction.

Diamond is Clarity’s name generation process that goes deep into psychology and neuroscience to unlock deep-seated meaning and relevance to words and names. Our disruptive approach explodes mindsets to create unique or differentiated product brand or company names. Full legal and exhaustive linguistic evaluations – both literal and phonetic are conducted to ensure names are legally robust and airtight.

Make sure your brand engine is firing on all cylinders. Get Clarity. 

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