Like diamonds, unique names for products, services or companies 
are hard to find.

It’s increasingly difficult to devise a name that is not only unique and distinctive but one that is relevant and meaningful. Across products, services and organisations, names are a marketing imperative when it comes to creating a brand that is memorable and successful.

Diamond is Clarity’s naming process that helps us to prospect, mine and polish names suitable for consideration and scrutiny. Our search goes beyond your sector or industry so that it may bring new light and perspectives that have never been considered previously.

This broader thinking allows us to establish a new naming territory that your competitors have missed, giving you the business advantage you deserve.

We work diligently to generate names and then shares them with the customer as working in partnership is crucial to the true ownership of the name allowing the outcome to be expressed with confidence.

Brand architecture can also play a vital role in the structure and clear understanding in the minds of the end customer. These structures form a family of brands that are specifically created to bring clarity and continuity.

Our belief is that a company or brand name should be empowered with a marketing story that when told, will engage and inspire the audience. This form of storytelling helps to differentiate whilst creating value to customers looking to decide how to maximise their product or service difference.

To ensure the naming process is thorough and legal, we start with a competitive analysis that can reveal potential issues when selecting names. We spend time with you to interrogate your intended positioning strategy whilst developing closer insights and understanding of the market opportunities. Finally, we check names globally using local speaking advisors before we apply trademark searches and applications.

So, when you are looking to brand, rebrand or launch a product or service, remember that a well-chosen name can accelerate and differentiate your business.

Rules to follow when naming a product:

  • It should be readable and writable
  • If your product name is hard to pronounce, people won’t talk about it and if they can’t write it down (and spell it correctly!) when they hear it, how do you expect them to Google it?
  • Keep it simple and don’t go with any wacky spellings just for the sake of it.
  • It should be unique, short, punchy and memorable
  • It’s very hard in this day and age to be completely unique, so you can give yourself a bit of leeway, but your product name should at least be unique to your industry. This makes it much easier to get the domain, do well in search and know that when someone says the name, they mean your product.
  • The longer the name, the harder it is to grab people.
  • Longer names also mean people resort to abbreviations that you often don’t get to control.
  • It should look good written down and sound cool to say
  • You want your product name to jump off the page and stand out next to all the other boring words around it.
  • When someone says it in a sentence it should stand out so everyone around pays attention.
  • Your product name should tie back into what your product is, what the feeling you want people to have when experiencing your product is, and/or what idea are you trying to get across.
  • It should be emotive and inspiring.

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