Accelerator workshop sessions
help to bring your people together
to work as one.


Clarity are experienced in bringing leaders, top teams and employees together to share their thoughts and experiences.

Working on or off-site, Clarity is well versed in facilitating workshops that address a wealth of branding and internal issues.

We have developed a suite of workshop programmes that respond to challenges faced by many engineering businesses.

We design and deliver workshops, stripped of jargon, on a variety of customer-centred topics. Supporting businesses in developing the mindset, skills and behaviours that lead to improvements. We offer challenging thinking and a fresh insight on skill development to support your marketeers, account managers, business developers, consultants and salespeople to raise their game. The results are an improvement in your business’ productivity in the business of out-competing other businesses whilst acquiring and retaining customers.

“The Clarity workshop was both insightful and inspiring. We now have a clear understanding of our brand positioning and have a collective vision to how we can move forward as a business.”

Paul Dinwiddy | GKN

We provide bespoke sessions to fit with the issues faced and the profile of attendees. Each session may combine a number of areas that need attention.

The following areas are delivered as short or full day sessions.

Purpose & Values
Discover Your Value Proposition
Winning Internal Hearts & Minds
Brand Advantage
Product Naming & Architecture

If there are other areas you wish Clarity to address, please let us know and we would be happy to support you and your teams.

We deliberately ask simple but challenging questions that unearth true brand potential that lie within your business. Contact us for your Accelerator Sessions.

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